Wrightwood California
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Wrightwood History

Wrightwood in the 1970's

By the time the 70's rolled in Tom Pinard had made the Mountaineer a fixture in the Tri-Community. The area saw the establishment of the Tri-Community Art Association, the Friends of the Forest got together and they came up with the San Gabriel Mountain Interpretive Association. The folks looking for culture came up with the Wrightwood Area Cultural Organization (WACO) and Pinard came up with "High in the San Gabriel Mountains_ Visit Wrightwood".

In 1973 the highway was open to Crystal Lake, linking San Gabriel with Wrightwood. It had been closed since 1969 when 41 inches of precipitation played havoc with the highway forcing its closure.

In 1974 Pinard built a railroad station in the village. He used to sit out in front every weekend, drinking beer or wine and catering to the "tourist". As the high school plan got rolling and construction actually started, friends convinced Pinard to run for school board and he won. The Four Seasons Gallery opened in 1974 in Wrightwood.

1976 saw the first paramedics in Wrightwood, Chuck Blakeslee and Dave Faust.

Holiday Hill had a fire in the chalet in 1979. It was determined the fire was caused by arson. By the mid 1979 the Mountaineer reformatted the paper from a tab size to a full size newspaper.

As the 70's rolled out the Mountaineer was growing side-by-side with the Tri-Community. Wrightwood wasn't changing much, life on the whole, was pretty good.

from -- 40 Years of Memories - reprinted in part courtesy Mountaineer Progress

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Wrightwood in the 70's

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