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Wrightwood History

Settling the Swarthout Valley

Between 1886 and 1926, the Swarthout Valley was homesteaded by many men, among them Harry Heath, Earl Schuyler, Sumner and Buford Wright. The Wrights eventually obtained two thirds of the valley, and it is, of course, from their name that Wrightwood got its name. They established the 1,000 head Circle Mountain Ranch at the eastern end of the valley, and an apple orchard the trees of which can still be found among the homes on the Mountain View and Apple Streets. A few of the buildings in the village area date back to the ranch days. This period also saw mining and lumbering come to the area.

Sumner Wright came to the area in the late 1800's. Originally from the Colton, California area, Mr. Wright acquired land in the area for the development of a cattle ranch. He operated his family ranch, Circle Mountain Cattle Company during the early 1900's. He was responsible for planting many of the original apple trees in the area. The Wright's apple production shipped apples from over 3,000 trees. The Wright's also raised pedigreed cattle and trotting horses.

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Settling the Swarthout Valley

The Great Hiking Era

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