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Wrightwood History

The Mormon Colony

In 1849, Captain Jefferson Hunt, of the Mormon Battalion, led a group of settlers into San Bernardino. The Mormon Road stretched from Salt Lake across the Mojave Desert and down through the Cajon Pass. At the ridge along the summit of the pass they would dismantle their wagons, lower them to the valley floor, reassemble them and make camp at the formations known as the Mormon Rocks.

In 1851 the Mormon Colony purchased the Rancho from the Lugos. Two of these Mormons, Nathan and Truman Swarthout, homesteaded in Lone Pine Canyon. Eventually they extended their holdings to include the valley that now bears their name. The Swarthouts abandoned thier holdings when the Mormons returned to Salt Lake City in 1857.

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Through the Years

Indians, Missions and Ranchos

The Mormon Colony

Ranchers and Miners

Settling the Swarthout Valley

The Great Hiking Era

Wrightwood, the Resort Community

The Angeles Crest Highway

Wrightwood in the 60's

Wrightwood in the 70's

Wrightwood Timeline

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Mojave Desert

Cajon Pass

Mormon Rocks

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