Wrightwood California
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Wrightwood History

Of the Mountains

Before the Spanish built their missions, pueblos and ranchos there were the indigenous people of Shoshonean origin. To the south, across the ridge down in the foothills of the LA basin were the Gabrielinos. To the west in the canyons were the Fernandinos. Along the mountain tops and ridges and to the east were the Serrano. These nomads roamed a territory that spanned the San Bernardino Mountains and valley, and adjoining desert lands.


Through the Years

Indians, Missions and Ranchos

The Mormon Colony

Ranchers and Miners

Settling the Swarthout Valley

The Great Hiking Era

Wrightwood, the Resort Community

The Angeles Crest Highway

Wrightwood in the 60's

Wrightwood in the 70's

Wrightwood Timeline

Links to photo tours

Cajon Pass

Mt. Baden-Powell

Mojave Desert

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